Year: 2022

Why teachers shouldn’t hit naughty children


Ahasi & Kymani opinion on why Teachers shouldn’t hit naughty children

In my opinion Teachers should not hit naughty children because sometimes hitting them would make them even worse. Teachers shouldn’t hit naught children because it is against the law and it is illegal. Teachers should not be allowed to hit naughty children because it is abusive and because it can cause damage to children.

Teachers shouldn’t hit naughty children because it will then teach children to use acts of aggression and violence to solve their problems. When Teachers hit naughty children it can lead to physical injury and health problems. When you hit naughty children it can give children a message that hitting others is an okay way of dealing with strong feelings.

If you do not have permission to verbally or physically abuse a student or someone, Don’t.

I say that teachers should not touch students unless they are using self defense. If teachers think they are teaching with violence they aren’t. 

Teachers should not have the privilege to lay their hands on you. If a teacher is allowed to hit students we should be able to fight back in defense.  Can your boss hit you for wrongdoing? No, that’s illegal. It is child abuse.  A child can be traumatized from a teacher’s action and will have to live with the fact that they had an abusive teacher. Abuse does not help with kids if they don’t listen and makes it worst.

Youth law says that it is illegal for teachers to do any physical punishment.

Camera Angles

Camera Angles 101 – What are they?

From the video you watched, what are the 3 reasons why camera Angles important in filming and why?

  1. It gives emotion
  2. So people have a different perspective each time
  3. So the video doesn’t feel plain


Types of Camera Angles What does it look like?
wide Shows more of the surroundings of a place.
long Showing the surroundings of an object or person 
medium Waist up as if you are talking to that person
detail Extreme close up on an item or person
low To make the object or person look bigger than normal
cowboy Mid thigh up of a person
tight Head and shoulders view
pov As if you were that person and you were seeing from their prospective 
Cut away Is focusing on something but is interrupted by the subject
dutch Slightly tilted as if the world was tilting
Over the shoulder Is if two people were having a conversation and would show the other person’s face

All about Rome

This is my all about Rome work. I enjoyed learning about Rome as I learn’t more than I knew.

Orange and water experiment

Title: Orange and water experiment

Hypothesis/Prediction (What I think will happen and why?)

My Hypothesis is that it will sink due to the weight of the orange


A bucket of water and a orange


Fill up your bucket and then grab your orange and see if it sinks or not.

When you see if it sinks or floats, peel your orange and see if it is different to your last result.


When we put the orange in it floated and it was different to my prediction. After we had peeled the orange and put it in it sank so the I was also right.


Air pressure experiment

Title: Air pressure experiment 


To understand air pressure.

Hypothesis/Prediction (What I think will happen and why?)

My hypothesis is that the air pressure from the hair dryer will make the ping pong ball float. The reason I think it will float is because the air will be pressing against the light ball that will lift the ball making it float.

I think all that would happen is that the ping pong ball will just float depending on the pressure of the air.


A hair dryer and a ping pong ball.


Grab a hair dryer, and a ping pong ball. Basically all you need to do is plug the hair dryer in, place the ball on top then turn it on. Now the ping pong ball should float.


Once I plugged the hair dryer in and turned it on. I put the ping pong ball on it and it started floating. Once it floats for an average amount of time it starts to stay stiff in the air.


SLW Recount writting

SLW recount

Team tui was split into three groups. The first group was tapa and Siva. The second group was the coconut/kava bowl group. The third group was the information report group. I was in the information report group. What we had to do was select a topic to write about Samoa and research then write about our subject. My subject was about tattoos and geography. First I wrote about geography and a little about the population. Also I added American Samoa and how it became American Samoa. Then after that I wrote about Samoa’s traditional tattoos and where they are tattooed on the body. When I was done I helped Nyse finish what wasn’t.