Day: April 7, 2022

My literacy

  1. The first glint of light in the eastern sky was the signal for the soldiers to clamber from the shelter of their trenches.
    What part of the day was it?
    It was early morning because easterrn sky’s the morning.

  2. With hunger gnawing at her stomach and the sun at its zenith, Barbara sought the shade of a small cafe.
    What part of the day was it?
    The time of day was midday .

  3. Anna observed the seemingly endless flocks of birds migrating to a warmer climate and yearned to be going with them.
    What season was it?
    Autumn is the season because the birds migrated to a warmer place.

  4. Having travelled so far, Doug was disappointed to find that he no longer recognised the village.
    Has Doug been in the village before? How do you know that?
    Yes he has been there cause he was disappointed he didn’t recognised.

  5. The house, which had once seemed so large and full of wonderful places for games of hide and seek, now seemed cramped and small.
    When had the writer been in the house before? 

When he was younger because