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GTS Matariki Festival 2023



Yesterday GTS had hosted a Matariki festival. First thing we had done as a whole school was watch the performances in the hall. We had 4 schools come down to perform their kapa haka group. The schools were Glenbrae, Glendowie primary, Best start and Pt England. Once we had watched all the amazing performances we had went off to our classes to welcome the family’s to the learning we had worked on the past term. We had various activities hosted around the school in each class. There was also various food items sold around the school. 

This week for maths team tui are learning to identify different types of angles in a circle. We had used a protractor to help us draw the angles which we had found easy. When we had finished naming all the angles we used canva to create a poster so we can share our learning.  In the end i had fun learning about the different angles that can be found in an angle .

Measuring shapes

This week for maths we are working around the topic of lengths or distances . For today we had decided to start off easy and measured a shapes perimeter. We had to join in a group of three and my group consisted of Mokoia, Pasimati and myself.  For this we had to draw a shape that closed. To measure this shape we had used flax that was thin enough we can bend it around the curve. Once we measured the length we had ruled out the distance we had created. The measurement we had rounded up to was 34.5 cm and 345 mm.

Matariki poem

Earlier this week Team Tui started their learning on Matariki.Team Tui’s focus for the last couple of days was to learn on the history of Matariki. For Writing this week we had to write poems on our senses and the stars of Matariki. For my poem I had chosen the senses Felt, heard and seen along with the stars Ururangi, Wai-puna-rangi and Waita. My poems describe my experience since my childhood days.