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Why teachers shouldn’t hit naughty children


Ahasi & Kymani opinion on why Teachers shouldn’t hit naughty children

In my opinion Teachers should not hit naughty children because sometimes hitting them would make them even worse. Teachers shouldn’t hit naught children because it is against the law and it is illegal. Teachers should not be allowed to hit naughty children because it is abusive and because it can cause damage to children.

Teachers shouldn’t hit naughty children because it will then teach children to use acts of aggression and violence to solve their problems. When Teachers hit naughty children it can lead to physical injury and health problems. When you hit naughty children it can give children a message that hitting others is an okay way of dealing with strong feelings.

If you do not have permission to verbally or physically abuse a student or someone, Don’t.

I say that teachers should not touch students unless they are using self defense. If teachers think they are teaching with violence they aren’t. 

Teachers should not have the privilege to lay their hands on you. If a teacher is allowed to hit students we should be able to fight back in defense.  Can your boss hit you for wrongdoing? No, that’s illegal. It is child abuse.  A child can be traumatized from a teacher’s action and will have to live with the fact that they had an abusive teacher. Abuse does not help with kids if they don’t listen and makes it worst.

Youth law says that it is illegal for teachers to do any physical punishment.