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Kelly sport-Rugby league

Room 13 had an exciting morning as our class had Kelly sports Rugby League.  All of our class had tried techniques some of us weren’t so confident about but He who stands, lives and He who sits, perishes. There were different warm ups and may I say my knees burn. The first warm up was like Bull rush. As an example we need to crawl on our knees and someone will tackle us and if we fall on the floor we become a tagger. Afterwards we repeated this game but on our feet. Of Course I got bumped off and fell on my back but I had fun. Likewise this was good practice for the people who are going to the rugby tournament this week. Sometime later on it had turned into a game boys vs girls. Us girls had 1 point but then the coaches changed it to mixed teams. On the other hand people turned on their pro mode and went to try hard. In the end all of us had enjoyed our time we had.